Every parent strives to be great because parenting is not an easy job. To be a great parent is not a skill taught in the school. Rather, it is a skill one has to learn while at it by making a deliberate effort to. Most parents aspiring to be great did not have best… Continue reading WHO IS A GREAT PARENT?


Who is a sibling?  A sibling is a blood relations who shares a parent with one. They can be brothers or sisters. In a family, there is a built-in circle of friends called siblings and they are one’s best friends within the family because they understand each other’s origins, feelings and emotions more than any other person… Continue reading SIBLINGS ARE BEST OF FRIENDS.

Who is a Father?

This article is dedicated to all the fathers in the world as they celebrate Fathers’ Day today. The art of parenting requires that both parents play a vital role in raising the positive child. Fathers are representational of leaders in the family and society at large. A father is naturally created to be the engine… Continue reading Who is a Father?

Being A Positive Parent

The concept of positive parenting may sound strange to some parents. A number of parents generally think that positive parenting is the mode of parenting devoid of strict measures. This write-up has become necessary to draw attention to the deeper meaning of positive parenting. The idea is more than developing the child’s self-control and communication… Continue reading Being A Positive Parent

How To Raise A Positive Child

A positive child is one that has confidence, is hard-working, happy, cheerful, successful and obedient. A family with a positive attitude will raise a positive child. A positive child is a child whose parenting is positive. Positive parents don’t focus on the weakness of their child rather they put more efforts on building the child’s… Continue reading How To Raise A Positive Child

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton