How to stop abuse in children.

There is a high rate of abuse in the world today. Abuse could be sexual, physical, emotional or psychological. A growing child could be exposed to any of these kinds of abuse.

In Nigeria, there is a high rate of sexual abuse of children. In the dailies, stories abound of how children are raped, defiled and suffer varying degrees of abuses by parents and trusted relatives.

Parents need to stand up to their responsibilities by educating their children about sex education. Parents should not hide any information from children regarding sexual health. Children are likely to learn from other sources and information gathered from untrusted sources could be harmful to a child’s growth.

Parents should teach their children while growing up, the proper name of every body part. In the book of Proverbs 22: 6, it reads “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he grows old , he will not depart from it”. Let children trust parents enough to confide in them. Parents should name and distinguish the male and female body parts if possible with pictures for better understanding. Parents should have time for their children irrespective of how tight your schedule can be. The child should be told that no one has right over their body except them. It is better to inform children than to deform them.

Parents should teach their children on how to be contented with what they have and children should have the ability to say “NO” when the need arises. Some of these pedophiles take advantage of the innocence of these children and lure them with things like biscuits, sweets, chocolates of no value. If parents can make their children to be contented with what they have, even a million naira can’t get a child .

Whenever children ask questions about sex, parents should find time to teach them properly. If they are teenagers, they should be taught at that level to give them an indepth knowledge of the subject. Parents should always be open to their children. Teach children on how to dress responsibly.

Help raise positive children, so that we can put an end to the menace of abuse in our children.

By Chinwe

Wife, Mother, Writer, Blogger, QuoteWriter.